Living Space

Leisure, comfort, and togetherness. Your living room the setting for countless memories and peaceful moments. So, it’s not surprising that the color you choose for your living room will have a huge impact on the overall mood of your home, CPM Professional Painting Services can help! Depending on your home’s unique personality, your space can be soothing or statement-making. You can choose old-fashioned charm or modern appeal. Whatever your style, these gorgeous colors are the top choices for your living room:



Blue is an East Coast favourite colour, so it’s a no-brainer for the room that brings everyone together. A blue living room has a calming, stabilizing effect on your home. There are many attractive shades of blue, and they all go well with neutrals like brown and cream. If your living room has hardwood floors, blue is an especially stylish choice. Blue living rooms seem clean and orderly without sacrificing colour.

For The Walls: Liquid Mercury N510-5 Behr

cpm painting color ideas for living room


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