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When interior painting or redecorating your home, it is always important to have an idea about the style and color you want to achieve. Interior painting offers a wide option of colors and designs you can choose from. As far as interior painting is involved, there are different types of paint you can use and we can help you make the right choice for your project.

May it be a single bedroom or the entire interior of the house, CPM Professional Painting Services offers a variety of services to fix your interior painting. CPM assures quality painting service at an affordable and reasonable price.

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Interior Painting Halifax – Highly Recommended CPM Professional Painting

Preparation is important in accomplishing a great Halifax interior painting project.

  1. It is imperative that while painting the interior, furniture, and floors are covered to avoid damage.
  2. Scraping the old paint and sanding assures the quality of the new paint.
  3. Cracks and nail holes need to be repaired and water leaks between the walls and the ceiling.
  4. It is important to choose and purchase the correct products /grade and shine. There are too many factors how long are you planning to be in your place when you sell your home? Is the area for painting high traffic? All these questions are important for your right choice.

Making the necessary preparations can give you the best result in interior painting and CPM Professional Painting Services offers the best quality painting services available in Halifax.

Selecting The Right Product & Interior Paint Finishes

When you repaint your interior, choosing the right color and quality of paint for your home becomes crucial. There are different types of paints you can choose depending on the level of reflectiveness.

Flat Paints: Flat paints are the least shiny. Chemical cleaners can easily damage these paints when used on the surface. Low-traffic areas such as dining spaces or untouched areas like ceilings are suitable for flat paints

Eggshell: Lustrous and more durable, eggshell paints are advisable for areas like the living room, hallways, or entryways as little to medium traffic is observed.

Satin: This is the most common paint finish used. It is easier to clean which make it the perfect interior paint coating for high-volume areas such as bedrooms, kitchens, bathroom, or the children’s playroom.

Semi-gloss: It’s also often the chosen finish for the trimmings of your home, like mantels, stair railings, cabinetry, and crown molding because that sheen will really make these architectural elements pop. The finish also works well with a light color when trying to make a dark space look brighter.

High gloss/ Piano finish: High gloss paints are the most durable and easiest to clean. We recommend using these paints for areas that require daily cleanings, such as front doors, hand railings, or small details.

What We Offer For Halifax Interior Painting Services

CPM Professional Painting Services offers interior painting services that will create value while making your home a better place for your family.

Our company offers the following additional services:

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Paint Like A Pro
A key step in knowing how to paint a room is mastering the “cut in” painting process. Cutting in is a basically outlining the room.

We mask when we need to but professional painters don’t use masking tape to paint a straight line, our painters are professionals!

Interior Painting Halifax

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When you work with the professionals at CPM Professional Painters you can trust that the job will be done by experts.

Painting Interiors in Halifax

Understanding the Process

Before any work begins on your project, we take the appropriate measures to cover all furniture and flooring to protect and respect your property. The CPM Standard also includes removal of switch plates, vents and accessories. In short, we protect your home and prepare for a professional result from the beginning.

Before applying new fresh coatings, we always prepare the surfaces by repairing and sanding. You may have noticed telltale bulges in your walls and ceiling over time and wondered what they were. These small circles are nail pops that protrude from the drywall but not very far: usually no more than 1/8-inch. Often they crack the paint around them. They might even run in vertical or horizontal lines. These pops and cracked are all repaired manually with a putty knife to take out the bumps, we then apply a spackling product (non-shrink) and smooth it out. Wood filler is used for trim work. Sanding makes the surface smooth and even, this is a crucial step in the CPM Standard and we utilize the latest in dustless sanding equipment to keep cleanup to a minimum.

As professional red sealed craftsman we can cut in around ceilings and trim and transitions without aid. When required due to spraying, rolling and specific operations we mask up as required to protect your home and produce a professional result.

A lot has to happen before we are ready to get down to rolling out the paint. The application varies from project to project and make use of the latest technology and applicators to deliver a finished painted project you will be proud to call home.

Post job cleanup consists of a general sweep and vacuum of the affected areas of the job site (there may be some residual dust, chips, and debris after this process but we do our very best to leave no trace...), all garbage shall be bagged for curbside deposit by the client. In most cases, the tinted leftover paint will be left with a client. If a client wishes for garbage to be removed from a site a charge of $115.00+ HST shall be added to the invoice for transportation and HRM disposal fees.