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Professional Stone Exterior Services

At CPM Professional Painting Services we refinish all types of exterior buildings including stone and hard surfaces. Here is how we treat restoration and sealing on stone products.

Concrete Degradation: What You Need to Know

Welcome to CPM Professional Painting, your top choice for preserving stone and concrete exteriors. We understand the importance of maintaining the life and aesthetics of stone products, and we’re here to help you do just that.

Our services include the restoration and sealing of stone products. We begin with a thorough pre-soak using a solution of TSP and Bleach, followed by a comprehensive power wash to remove dirt, salt, and mildew. This ensures optimal adhesion for the topcoat.

But why is protection needed for your stone exteriors? Over time, unprotected concrete slab products can deteriorate, leading to loss of pigmentation, moisture absorption, outburst corrosion, and eventual decay. Signs of an unprotected product include fading from the original color, staining, and darkening after precipitation. In some cases, rust may appear on the product.

Without protection, microcracks can begin to appear in the not-too-distant future, leading to the decomposition of concrete or concrete slabs. The thermal isolation and construction behind the product will start to rot and disintegrate.

Concrete degradation is another concern. This can occur due to various causes such as fire, aggregate expansion, seawater effects, bacterial corrosion, calcium leaching, physical damage, and chemical damage. This process adversely affects concrete exposed to these damaging stimuli.

At CPM Professional Painting, we aim to prevent these issues and prolong the lifetime of concrete and masonry around your home. Our formula seals and protects the exterior above the ground foundation, offering excellent flexibility, durability, and fade resistance. It also provides exceptional resistance to wind-driven rain and protects against cracking and weathering.

Are you ready to protect your stone exteriors? Contact us today for an estimate. Our Exterior Estimator will provide a quote for your project within minutes.

Stone Exterior Restoration

Prolong the Lifetime of Concrete & Masonry

  • Protect the colour
  • Protection from fading
  • Protection from staining
Painting Brick Exterior

Does Exterior Stone need to be sealed?

It’s important to seal a stone exterior to maintain the life and luster of the exterior of your home. When clean and seal stone and concrete products it acts as a barrier layer to protect against weather, moisture and staining.

Exterior Stone Sealing