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From old bungalows to new architectural homes and buildings, there’s nothing we can’t do. C.P.M. provides a high-quality painting and decorating service to both residential and commercial clients throughout the HRM.

Something About Me 🙂

G’day, my name is Ekrem Becirevic. I have been the owner and operator of C.P.M. Professional Painting Services since January 2013. Before coming to Canada, I was the owner and operator of “Trend House” (painting company) for 11 years in Serbia. After 10 years in business with 25 red seal painters, Trend House became known as one of the best painting companies in the autonomous province of Vojvodina, Serbia. In 2012 my family and I made the decision to move to Canada and start a new life. For over 21 years I have been a registered member of Europe Master Painters. With three years of professional training and 21 years in the painting industry, I am highly experienced and knowledgeable in all bases of liquid decorating materials (latex, oil, epoxy, nitro, etc.) and decorative plasters both inside and outside of Canada. I have completed four safety courses – Hazard Identification & Control, Leadership for Safety Excellence, P.L.C. Cor Evaluation, and Principles of Loss Control. I fluently speak and understand English, Hungarian, and Serbian/Croatian, as well as hold triple citizenship

What’s Next?

C.P.M. Professional Painting Service is continually innovating and becoming known as the leading expert in the industry. We see a large gap in the painting industry for qualified painters, and we aim to become a part of the solution by training the next generation of apprentices into craftsmen of the trade. We recently partnered with the International Union of Painters and Allied Trades (IUPAT), where we are collaborating on the development of new courses for painters, as well as training future instructors.

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