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Welcome to Commercial Painting in Halifax

Welcome to CPM Professional Painting Services, your leading choice for commercial painting in Halifax. We understand the importance of a well-maintained commercial establishment. That’s why we’re committed to providing the highest quality of painting service available in the market.

Your Go-To Team for Commercial Painting in Halifax

Whether you own retail stores, boutiques, business offices, commercial warehouses, or industrial factories, we are your go-to team for commercial painting in Halifax. Amidst the renovation, we know the business must go on. That’s why our highly skilled and qualified professionals work with speed, quality, and accuracy to minimize any disruption to your operations.

Affordable and Tailored Commercial Painting Services in Halifax

At CPM Professional Painting Services, we don’t just offer commercial painting in Halifax. We provide a service that is affordable and tailored to your specific needs. By working hand in hand with our clients, we meticulously plan how to approach your commercial establishment’s painting needs.

Our Range of Commercial Painting Services in Halifax

From small coffee shops to public houses, our company caters to all kinds of business establishments. Our services extend to residential projects (condominiums and apartments), restaurants, retail establishments, parking garages, and industrial warehouses.

Benefits of Commercial Painting in Halifax

Commercial painting in Halifax has its benefits. It elevates your business image, increases profits, and improves employee enjoyment. A good commercial painting can keep your company on par with other competitors. A good appearance will always influence your company.

Protect Your Establishment with Commercial Painting in Halifax

Increase the structural life of your establishment with commercial painting in Halifax. The layers of protection provided by the painting help reduce the impact of weather on your external structure. Several new paints can create a waterproof coat which is beneficial against rain and flooding.

Contact Us for Commercial Painting in Halifax

Credibility and quality are important to our clients, and our company aims to deliver the same quality and flexible services to our clients. Contact us through this website for an estimation.

Some of our Commercial Painting Projects in Halifax


The Project beginning: April 1 st 2016
This part was the Agreement between Costco Corporation and C.P.M.- Professional Painting Service

*Today after almost 4 years we are still serving to this company

Big Leagues Dartmouth


December 12, 2014
This Canadian bar & grill today looking much different and we are still providing services for the loyal customer

Lifemark health group


September 14, 2017
On this day, we sent a recommendation for a new product at that time ultra Spec® SCUFF-X® for replacing Waterbased latex – Aura –1000 from all clinic across Canada

*At that time there was a special order for our first clinic 7071 Bayers Rd #217, Halifax, So far we did 8 clinics and Scuff-x come to be the product for all clinic across Canada

Dilly Dally Coffee Cafe

April 10, 2016

Dilly Dally coffee shop on Quinpool Rd, Halifax come to be part of C.P.M.- V.I.P customer and after almost 4 years we are still providing to them Painting Services.

The British Bulldog


October 28, 2015

Today after almost 5 years we are still providing painting Services to this C.P.M.- V.I.P customer.

Parkside Pub & Smokehouse

February 06, 2018

Today after almost 1 year we are still providing painting Services to this C.P.M.- V.I.P customer.

World Gym Dartmouth

April 22, 2019

18,000 sq/ft world gym we are managing within 15 business day all exterior and interior painting including 14,000sq/ft elevated industrial ceiling