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From the planning stage through the actual work, cleanup, and final inspection, we want you to be 100% satisfied with our work. We guarantee your satisfaction and to help ensure we meet our guarantee, every detail is carefully planned to meet your needs and vision.

We will schedule your painting project, discuss payment procedures, and offer a color consultation. Once everything is confirmed for the project, we will contact you with an official outline of the painting project for you to review before day one of the projects.

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When renovating or redecorating your home, it is always important to have an idea in mind about the style and colour you want to achieve.

Your home’s exterior painting is exposed to natural elements day in and day out. It is no stranger from the excruciating heat of the morning sun or the devastating damp stormy evening.

The kitchen is one of the most used and most important rooms in your home. It is the centre of the family’s day-to-day living.

At CPM Professional Painting Services we refinish all types of exterior buildings including stone and hard surfaces. Here is how we treat restoration and sealing on stone products.

From retail stores, boutiques, business offices, commercial warehouses, or industrial factories, we are painting business establishments.

Personalizing your own bedroom as a teenager for the first time, decorating your child’s nursery as a new parent or adding rich texture to a feature wall all offer opportunities for the application of modern wallpaper.