Exterior Painting Halifax

Trust CPM For Exterior Painting in Halifax

Your home’s exterior painting is exposed to natural elements day in and day out. It is no stranger from the excruciating heat of the morning sun or the devastating damp stormy evening. Heat and water can extremely damage the outdoor painting of your home’s exterior over time. We must maintain the façade of our homes.

CPM Professional Painting Services offers the best quality exterior painting services in Halifax. We assure to fix your home’s exterior painting at a reasonable price. Our service is guaranteed durable and cost-effective.

Getting Your Exterior Painting Job Done Right!

CPM Professional Painting Services assures that our clients get what they pay for. Thus, we ensure that our professional painters deliver and live up to The CPM Standard of quality and cost-effective service.

A Trustworthy Assessment & Estimation of Your Exterior Painting Needs

Money is always a big deciding factor in hiring a professional to get the job done for you. And when you are spending your dollars on home renovation, you would want to make sure that you will get what your money’s worth.

CPM Professional Painting Services will provide you with an honest assessment of your exterior painting condition and a straightforward estimate of the expenses you will be spending for the quality and durable exterior painting of your abode.  

Different strokes to different folks. Every home has a unique structure and painting, and the best way to fully know the extent of the expenses is to have an estimator gather all the necessary information they will be needing to calculate and estimate the expenses. Estimation is free and non-obligatory.

Preparation is the Key To A Great Exterior Painting Project

Preparation is important to the outcome of the exterior painting, without proper preparation, the finished product may not look as high quality as it should be. In CPM Professional Painting Services, we understand the value of preparation. Our professionals follow a thorough preparation process to ensure the quality outcome.

Step 1: Scraping & Removal of Loose Paint:To prep the home for paint and stain we use a combination of the following techniques to ensure our CPM Standard finished product:

– Sanding with a diamond grinder
– Scraping with paint scrapers
– Pressure washing with eco-friendly TSP solution

Step 2: Checking the Moisture level and Temperature of surfaces: After the cleaning process, the most important thing is checking the moisture level in the wood and the temperature of the surfaces how can we safely apply the product.

Step 3: Doors and Windows: Caulking gaps around trim, windows and doors is required prior to painting. To guarantee no damage, it is also best to cover the windows, lights, and doors during the exterior painting process.

Step 4: Painting: After all the preparations are made, our skilled professionals will process with painting the exterior structure of your abode. It is best to apply primer when you are changing the colour of your walls. CPM Professional Painting Services uses the best quality of paints to ensure quality and durability.

Why Consider Exterior Painting?

Painting the external structure of your home provides several aesthetic and functional benefits that you may or may not know at this point. If you are considering hiring a professional exterior painting service, here is what you need to know:

  1. Exterior painting provides better structural aesthetics.
  2. Exterior painting increases your home’s value empirically.
  3. Exterior painting increases your home’s protection against nature’s elements.
  4. Exterior painting protects your home from insects (i.e., termites for woodworks).
  5. Exterior painting increases your home’s lifespan.

Are you ready to get an estimate?

Our Instant Exterior Estimator will give your a quote for your interior room within minutes. Click to the link below to use our Instant Estimate or give us a call today at (902) 719-8918

Exterior Painting Halifax

Modern Exterior Paint Colours

A fresh coat of paint in today’s colours on the exterior of you house is always going to look better than a dated colour scheme with paint that is peeling, faded and worn. We advise choosing neutral colours that will be current in the next 5 to 10 years, this will maximize your investment. The exceptions to this rule are Victorian houses, historic properties, and homes in ocean or lakefront areas where brighter colours may be the norm.

Painting Houses in Halifax

When is the best time of year to paint the exterior of your home?
There is more to consider than just the weather… We look at the following criteria before painting exteriors:

  • Moisture Level – We take moisture readings to ensure we are working at optimal conditions
  • Humidity – Ideal conditions are between 40-60% humidity
  • Temperature of Surfaces – Varies depending on types of paint products being used.
Checking Moisture Levels