1. Good: Some companies will brush and roll your kitchen cabinets. They will not remove your doors, drawers, or hardware but will carefully paint your cabinets in place. If you have a rental property, this is probably your least expensive option. For a standard kitchen, prices could range from $1,000-1,800 for this type of work. This would typically require cleaning the woodwork, a primer, and two coats of finish all done with a roller and brush. If the painters are clean and decent, some homeowners are perfectly happy with the look of this technique.
  2. Better: Another option is a bit more thorough in the preparation and removal of doors, drawers, and hardware/hinges. A paint company would spray the doors and drawers in a spray booth onsite or off-site. If it is onsite, a professional company will create a proper spraying area that will make the cabinets turned out beautifully. They will also use a stronger, more durable product such as a pre-catalyzed lacquer. Then to save a little on cost, they can carefully hand brush the kitchen frames and boxes. A painter that is good with a brush can make the cabinet frames look almost sprayed. This requires a lot less masking and preparation for the kitchen. The cost for this type of service can also range depending on the colors selected and the size of one’s kitchen. For a standard size kitchen again, let’s say the price range might be more like $3,000-3,800.
  3. Best: The best option is typically what most of our customers end up having our company do is spraying all the cabinetry: doors, drawers, boxes, and frames. They will sometimes update the hinges and hardware while we are working there as well. This is a service we can provide too. This option is typically recommended when you have quality cabinets and you plan on updating other parts of the kitchen such as the countertops and appliances. The range for a standard kitchen for this level of prep and service could be $1,500-5,000. If the kitchen is quite large with an island, it could be more like $3-5,000.

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