Exterior Painting Halifax

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Interior services we offer include:

  • Wall and floor painting
  • Graphics and artistic finishes
  • Wallpaper & wall covering
  • Wainscoting for high-traffic areas
  • Green-friendly paints


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Understanding the Process

To prep your home for paint and stain we use a combination of techniques depending on if the exterior is wood siding, shingles or vinyl. We typically deploy a combination sanding with a diamond grinder, scraping with wire brush or paint scrapers and pressure washing with eco-friendly TSP solution.

Preparation also includes protecting your property, we remove all items that aren’t to be painted, tarp A/C units and plants and respect your property. The final cleaning process prior to the application of coatings is also very important and varies depending on your exterior surfaces but we take every step to ensure we have a clean and dry surface for proper adhesion of coatings.

When preparing wood surfaces for new coatings we prime with an oil base for shingles and apply acrylic based primer for new wood. Paint and stain is applied to wood surfaces with brush and roller techniques or by spraying. With vinyl siding, soffits, trim and specific materials we typically apply coatings with a commercial spray unit. Sprayer application is normally done with a single coat as the volume of paint delivered by the spray unit is more than two coats compared to brush and roll techniques.