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Why Replace Your Kitchen Cabinets? Refinish and Save!

Estimate to paint kitchen cabinets

Get a modern new look in your kitchen with CPM Professional and Prestige Cabinets for a fraction of the price of a complete kitchen renovation. Use our Kitchen Cabinets Estimator to check the savings for yourself! Before you scroll down to estimate the cost of painting your kitchen cabinets, click to enlarge these photo samples. This will help you understand the details needed to deliver an accurate estimate for your project. Additionally, by using our Kitchen Cabinets Estimator, you can quickly and easily determine the cost of your cabinet project. This will allow you to stay within your budget while still achieving your desired look. By entering your kitchen’s dimensions, cabinet style, and finish, you can see an estimated cost for your project and make adjustments as needed.

Small doors sample

Sample of Pantry door

Sample of Lazy Susan

Regular door

NOTE: Please count glass doors as 2 regular doors to account for spraying the interior of these cabinets. Count one regular door for additional spaces like open cabinets, fridge panels, or gable ends. door for each spot. Lazy Susan, we count like two regular doors.
The installation fee for removing and reinstalling doors, hinges, and hardware is $350. No fee if the customer self-installs.

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