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Personalizing your own bedroom as a teenager for the first time, decorating your child’s nursery as a new parent or adding rich texture to a feature wall all offer opportunities for the application of modern wallpaper. It takes a great amount of time to plan how you would want to decorate your interior. As a teenager, we think of designs which best reflects our personality, and as parents, we think of designs which best fit our infants. One of the most practical ways of wall customization is wallpapering and the professionals at CPM Professional painting are here to guide you.

The Art of Wallpapering

A technique originated in ancient China due to the invention of paper and gluing rice paper on their walls, wallpapering was handed down through generations. Modern wallpaper today is an easy  and creative means to transform your home from boring to stylish with the use of a wide variety of designs and patterns. As years passed, wallpapers have become more durable,  and designs were made available for personalization.

Benefits of WallpaperingWallpaper Installation Halifax

Durability: Today, wallpapers are one of the most durable wall designs. Wallpapers can last up to 15 years which is truly cost-effective. Wallpapers can last up to three times longer than paint.

Design: Although painting offers a wide palette of colors, it offers a limited number of finishes, unlike wallpaper. Wallpapers have a wide variety of designs to choose from – from textures to effects.

Mess-Free: Since there are no paints needed, wallpapers are less messy to apply. There are no worries about splatter, and there is no need for covering your floors and furniture.

Easy-to-Clean: If you have children at home, most wallpapers today are washable. You can use a damp cloth to wipe it clean.

Choosing the right wallpaper can make your home look bigger and create a big change in your interior. It can transform your personal nook into a cooler and more relaxing space. Wallpaper installation isn’t the easiest DIY job though, click or call today to talk about modern wallpaper solutions with the pro’s at CPM Professional Painting. (902) 717-8712

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