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Bring Back the Charm to Your
Restoration Project With Special Finishes

Special Finishes

Like fashion, our home has its own statement – an identity. Our home reflects the personality of those who live there. From subtle colors to bright designs, our house is like a blank canvas waiting to be touched and painted.

Types of Special Finishes

There are a variety of designs you can choose from – the special finishes. From the wide range palette of colors to rich modern and traditional touches.

Paint: Paint is one of the most common finishes used on walls. There are a variety of paints that can be used on your walls from the most durable to the most reflective. Paint also depends on the type of surface and the area it is best suited. Trust the team at CPM Professional Painting to select the correct Special Finish for your project.special finishes - brick painting

Decorative Plaster: Plasterwork is one of the oldest techniques used as decorative material in interior and exterior walls. Decorative plaster works are mainly used to beautify and provide a personal signature to your home or office.

Faux Finish: Faux finishing is one of the most time-consuming and thought-provoking special finishes as it requires much patience and artsy to be achieved. Faux finishing is achieved by imitating the texture of other surfaces such as wallpaper or marble.

Stenciling: Stenciling is achieved by replicating the design by using paint over holes formed in cardboard or metal stencils. Stencils are used to achieve the designs desired by the owners. Stenciling can be durable and time-consuming to remove, although it gives you the freedom to easily change the style.

Wood Refinishing: Wood refinishing is a technique used to sand the topmost layer of the wood feature and apply a fresh finish. Refinishing is used to cure wood marks and discoloration.

When choosing the special finish for your home, office or commercial property, consider what best reflects your personality, we can help!. Click or call the pro’s at CPM to talk about your restoration project and the special finishing options that we can help with today! (902) 719-8918

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