Professionally Stained Interior Finishing

Professional Stained Interiors

We want the best for our home when we are decorating. We want to bring out the beauty and elegance that make our house stands out. A way for us to achieve this elegance is through professional interior staining. Professional Stained Interiors by CPM Professional Painting brings out the class and elite vibes to your home. Aesthetic aside, a professional stained interior also protects your hardwood furniture, walls, trim and wood surfaces.

If you are thinking of revealing the best from your woodwork while protecting them from destructive elements such as moisture, molds, or mildew, professional staining is what you need.

The Staining Process

An interior stain is made up of paint, dye, and binder. Similar to dyeing fabrics, interior staining aims to add color to the woodwork while leaving some substrate visible.

To begin, the wood needs to have open pores to absorb the stain. This can be done by sanding the wood to open its pores. After sanding, the stain is applied using a cloth or bristle brush and leave the stain on the wood for an ample amount of time for the wood to absorb the stain before wiping off the unabsorbed stain. Finally, after when unabsorbed stains are wiped off, apply a clear finish to protect the color and the wood.

Benefits of Professional Stained InteriorsProfessionally Stained Interiors

Although the professional stained interior is a labor-intensive process, it comes with several benefits that make it a good choice for home renovation.

✅It gives a rich color that enhances the color and elegance of the woodwork.

✅It gives protection to the woodwork against external elements which can destroy or rot the wood.

✅It provides uniformity thus giving warmth to your home.

✅Most stains are fast-dry thus easier to use and apply.

Trusting CPM Professional Painting for interior staining is like hitting two birds with one stone: you are protecting your wooden interior while revealing its natural wooden beauty. Click or call today! (902) 719–8918

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