Prep is a Big Part of The CPM Standard

Paint Removal and Cleaning

Our homes are our haven – a safe place where we can relax and rest after a long day. Our homes provide the comfort we need to recharge from the challenges in our daily life. Keeping our homes cleaned, well maintained and freshly painted helps you recharge and restores energy! 

Our goal at CPM Professional Painting, is to leave every project perfect, from floor to ceiling. However, before we can repaint those worn and dirty walls, it is important to remove the old paint and clean all surfaces in preparation.

Importance of Paint Removal and Cleaning

Removal of old paints and wall cleaning are important tasks we must take into consideration before repainting or recoating your walls. The quality of the finish is dependent on this important first step. Here are few benefits why paint removal and cleaning is important:

Avoid Chipping and Flaking: Removal of old paint prohibits the development of chipping and flaking of the new paint once applied. Especially if you old or ancestral houses, it is beneficial to scrape all old paint before applying a new coat.

Repair Imperfections: Cleaning can help you check for wall imperfections. May it be nail holes or wall cracks; you can repair these imperfections before applying a new coat.

Sand the Surface: After scraping the old paint, it is good to sand the surface before applying a new coat. It makes the surface smooth and even, this is a crucial step in the CPM Standard and we utilize the latest in dustless sanding equipment to keep cleanup to a minimum.

Clean Thoroughly: After paint removal and all, it is important to clean the surface thoroughly. Before we lay down any paint, each surface is thoroughly cleaned and inspected to ensure a great finish.

Do-It-Yourself vs Professional

Although paint removal and cleaning might seem like an easy DIY task to some, we are called in to fix many problems that result from improper knowledge and prep. Hiring the professionals at CPM Professional Painting guarantees the outcome and finish you were looking for.

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