When renovating or constructing your dream kitchen, one of the most important pieces of kitchen equipment you need to choose is the kitchen cabinets. Kitchen cabinets are crucial as they will have a great impact on the holistic image of your kitchen. Kitchen cabinets vary in designs and colors, from rustic to traditional to contemporary design. Choosing the right kitchen cabinet can be taxing.

You can choose from:

  1. Traditional Cabinets: Ornate and rich, traditional cabinets blend different hues and elaborate motifs. The color range usually includes clear white, cream, red, or brown. The design focuses on symmetry and balance.
  2. Shaker Cabinets: Among the most popular cabinets, Shaker cabinets blend with any hardware and fit with almost every design. These cabinets feature simple, elegant, and functional flat-panel doors with rail frames.
  3. Rustic cabinets use wood from country or mountain cabins to create warmth and ambiance. Rustic cabinets often have a rugged or matte finish to highlight the wood’s real texture.
  4. Contemporary: These cabinet designs resonate with simplicity and a slick minimalist layout, making them the best choice for small kitchens where cabinets can be taller and provide more storage areas. These cabinets are usually made of metal, concrete, plastic, or glass.
  5. Slab: Also known as flat-front or panel-front cabinets, this economic design features a flat surface that makes it easy to clean.
  6. Country: This design creates a cozy and timeless country vibe with wood, the most common material used in country-style cabinets, painted in yellow, green, blue, or cream.
  7. Craftsman: The craftsman features a natural wood kitchen defined by minimal ornamentation. Heavy woods such as quarter-sawn oak, hickory, cherry, or maple are usually used.
  8. Glass-front: These open-framed doors are perfect for those who want to openly display their kitchen items. Illuminated cabinets add ambiance.
  9. The Louvered cabinet style, on the other hand, features layered horizontal slabs that create an illusion of space in your kitchen. In order to function properly, this cabinet requires ventilation, such as those near the radiator, or for housing electronics like cable boxes.
  10. Open Shelving represents a unique storage option that often combines with wall cabinets and requires organization and cleaning. It is a smart way to keep kitchen utensils and spices.

Choosing the right type of kitchen cabinet will depend on the available space in your kitchen and the general interior and plan of your house. Your taste, budget, and time will also greatly influence your decision. If you need professional help in deciding, CPM Professional Painting Services Halifax is here to assist you.

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