Mistakes are inevitable when painting and renovating your kitchen cabinets, but it doesn’t need to happen to you when you are planning and preparing for kitchen cabinets painting. When painting kitchen cabinets, it is ideal to stick to the common preparation and painting process instruction done by the professionals to avoid these common mistakes. Here are some of the most common mistakes people commit:

Not Considering Change Influences the Rest of the Room

It is common for you to imagine the new look of your kitchen and kitchen cabinets with different colors. However, you need to keep in mind that it will also affect and change the look of the entire room. When planning to paint your kitchen cabinets, consider your countertops, flooring, and walls in choosing the color to use. Choosing the wrong color can cost you more time and money.

Not Removing the Cabinet Doors

We plan and prepare for the painting process for a reason. It may be tempting to jump with applying the new paint to your kitchen cabinet immediately, but removing the cabinet doors is an important step. This allows to cover the entire surface and avoid the paint from dripping.

Skipping the Prep Work

Before you start painting, it is important to attend to the necessary prep work to avoid further damage or unpleasant results. Before you start painting, most cabinets will require sanding, cleaning, and filling cracks and holes.

Trying to Rush the Process

Painting your kitchen cabinets does not happen overnight. Even you have a small kitchen, the proper painting process will take several days when you observe the proper prep work, paint application, and drying time.

Failing to Label Doors, Drawers, and Hardware

Even you have only a few cabinets in your kitchen, once you remove your kitchen doors and hardware, it is necessary to label them according to their right spot. It will make it easier for you to reassemble it once the painting process is over.

Failing to Prime

After prepping the kitchen cabinet, it is important to apply a primer before painting. Knots can create a blotchy, uneven appearance when not properly primed. Use primers to ensure a smooth and solid finish.

Using the Wrong Paint Finish

Using the wrong paint finish makes cabinets difficult to clean. Using a slightly shiny paint finish is ideal. The semi-gloss or satin finish is more favorable than matte paints.

Not Enough Time to Dry

Drying the paint in your kitchen cabinets may take time. The curing process can take up to several days. Until such time that the cabinets are cured to a hard and durable surface, they will be vulnerable to cracks and marks. It is best to wait at least two days before reassembling them back.

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