The Color of Your Room can Affect your Mood!

As we progress with the digital age, it has become more and more demanding and difficult for individuals to get a good night’s sleep. According to a recent study, about 40% of Canadian adults suffer from sleep deprivation or sleeping disorders. This time, more than ever, good night’s sleep is more apparent. With this, the bedroom interior plays a vital role in shaping the mood and helping individuals achieve their daily target hours of sleep. Painting Interior wall colors correctly can create an environment that encourages sleep while pursuing the aesthetic beauty of the room.

Best Colors for Your Bedroom

Homeowners are usually particular with the color palette they use for their home interior. The color combination used in every corner of the house reflects the personality of the people living in it, particularly the bedroom.

The atmosphere of the space 

In fact, the color scheme of the bedroom can greatly affect the mood and atmosphere of the space. Additionally, the use of warm colors such as red and orange can promote feelings of passion and energy, while cooler tones like blue and green can create a calming and peaceful environment. Moreover, using complementary colors can also add visual interest and depth to the space. Therefore, it’s important to carefully choose the colors for your bedroom and consider their impact on the overall ambiance of the room.. Now, here are the best color suggestions you can use for your bedroom interior.

  1. White and Blue
    White always conveys cleanliness and purity while blue represents tranquility and warmth. The soothing combination of white and indigo gives a warm and cozy ambiance to your room. Blue also evokes pleasure and serenity in the room.
  1. Brown and Cream
    Brown is always seen as a strong color; however, brown also reflects a classic urban elegance to your bedroom. This combination gives your room the shimmer of dark wood that will enhance the esthetic level of your bedroom. The color cream also gives an airy feel to your bedroom’s ambiance. Brown and cream also provide an earthy look which works well with greenery and hardwood furniture.
  1. Lavender and White
    Lavender is more of a personal color than common. It invites a youthful and positive aura and ambiance to your bedroom which promotes sleep. It exudes serenity and provides a vibrant atmosphere.
  1. Shades of Gray
    Gray is more neutral than negative. What makes gray a unique and awesome color is it blends well with its shades. Although shades of gray may seem monochromatic, it exudes class and balance. Gray also adds warm tones and a modern appeal.
  1. Peach and White
    Peach is surprisingly one of the colors that provide a calming effect to the people. Peach resonates happiness in aspects of your life and provides a light and a jovial aura to your room.
  1. Shades of Purple
    Purple is often associated with grandeur, luxury, royalty, peace, and independence. Some time in our history, the color purple is only reserved as a sign of royalty. Purple provides a unique but subtle atmosphere to your bedroom interior.
  1. Light Blue and Mustard Yellow
    The combination of blue and yellow gives an ideal and jovial ambiance. It makes a lovely combination as both colors are desaturated which creates a vibrant design. This combination makes your room looks bigger.
  1. Burgundy and Beige
    Burgundy is often associated with high-class society. It often indicates power and sophistication. Coupled with beige, it reflects neutrality, calmness, comfort, and warmth. This color combination creates an ambiance that is inviting for a good night’s sleep.

Colors can greatly affect your mood, behavior, and sleep. It is important to choose the right colors that will give you the rest you much need. Choose the colors that calm your eyes and put your mind at rest. According to color therapy and holistic interior designer consultant, “your bedroom decor can certainly have an impact upon your quality and quantity of sleep per night.”

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