When you walk into your living area, what’s the one thing that immediately catches your eye? A brightly colored feature wall? A bold patterned rug? A chic accent chair that sits in the corner of the room? Now, what about that ceiling? It probably didn’t even pop into your mind, did it? At CPM Professional Painting Services we’re not surprised; after all, the surface isn’t in your direct line of sight, plus most ceilings are flat, white, featureless, and look fairly generic.

If you’re bored of your plain white ceilings or are about to embark on a new home-building project, consider using one (or more) of these look-at-me ceiling treatments in your interior. Some are loud and dramatic (using fabric, mirrors, and lights), while others are more subtle in style (think wood paneling and molding), but each of these ideas will give your ceilings standout appeal, and will definitely lift the look and feel of your home.

1. Light it up
Illuminated ceiling panels will brighten up your space in more ways than one – take this spectacular lighting solution, for example. The custom lightbox, which is made of a panel of translucent resin embedded with a layer of seagrass, casts a warm glow over the room, while its mesmerizing gold-flecked finish adds color, contrast, and drama to the expansive open-plan area.

2. Work with wallpaper
Patterned wallpaper can transform any vacant vertical surface into a statement-making feature wall, but if you want to make a bold(er) statement, apply it to your ceiling instead. Does our top pattern pick for the ceiling? Stripes, geometric motifs, or an eye-catching floral print, such as this lively botanical wallpaper, seriously boosts the dining space’s visual appeal.

3. Reconsider your stance on mirrored ceilings
It’s time to banish the notion that mirrors are an unseemly ceiling surface. Need proof? Take a look at this futuristic-style bedroom, which proves that high-shine mirrored ceilings can look tasteful, fun, and edgy (or glamorous in more traditional settings), rather than tacky. Practical, too, reflective ceilings will make your room appear brighter and more spacious – they are an ideal treatment for any room in the home, but particularly those that are poorly lit or small in size.

4. Go bold
An easy way to make the ceiling the focal point of a room is to paint it with dramatic, attention-seeking colors. While we love loud, energetic hues – such as the fire-engine-red ceiling in this modern bathroom – dark, moody tones, including black, navy, and deep emerald, also pack a visual punch when used overhead. Remember to keep things light and simple down below to ensure your ceiling remains in the spotlight.


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